Digitising Capital Markets

Digital Securitization (or Tokenization) is the process of splitting ownership of any underlying asset into fractional parts, each part represented by a cryptographic token. Each token may be traded and may have a maturity date upon which it will deliver to the holder a formal contract for delivery, cash or access to an online system.

This allows for pre-funding of large projects, by either unlisted equity or fixed income solutions or by selling future access rights to your capacity. The Peloton Blockchain solution enables issuers to track ownership of securities, and to manage maturity dates and redemptions – whether that redemption be in cash, contracts for delivery or direct access to an online system.


Revenue Transformation

Peloton Blockchain technology enables asset owners (energy and utility providers, debt-issuers, telecommunications operators and more) to securitize and trade their assets as tokens on exchange.

Our team are specialists in applying this innovative technology to businesses.

We develop new and disruptive revenue models for our clients, based on our market-creation technology.


Connecting Worlds

The Peloton Blockchain Network is accessible both by Peloton Blockchain products and by certified 3rd parties around the world, including Digital Currency (or “crypto”) Exchanges.

The platform allows Issuers to reach both traditional and cryptocurrency investors, and it allows both traditional exchanges and digital currency exchanges to expand into new asset classes and investors to access new products and opportunities.


Real Solutions

Peloton Blockchain have solutions ready to support business growth in listed, unlisted, public and private venues to connect buyers, sellers, brokers and issuers.

Capital Markets

Securitise, issue and trade debt, OTC derivatives, equities, ETF, investment structure, future, murahaba and more

Utilities & Telco

Issue and trade bandwidth and capacity

Digital Currency

Expand your DCE to list new asset classes


Issue and trade portions of any transaction, asset or derivative as securities, tokens or lots

Securitisation allows pre-funding of small or large projects, develops liquidity and allows profits to be locked in early and transfers risk

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