Digital Asset Creator for Issuers

Digital Asset Lifecycle Management


Trusted Blockchain


Peloton Issuer facilitates the securitization (or “tokenization”) of almost any asset, whether that asset is a financial transaction, a debt or an equity, or a physical commodity like network bandwidth, screen-time or grain. These securities can be sold and traded, helping to pre-fund projects or as a programmatic sales channel to amplify product exposure.

  • Creates a new securitized product
  • Publishes a product to the blockchain
  • Manages product inventory
  • Tracks ownership and maturity of each security
  • Manages redemption of securities upon maturity date
  • Generates contracts for delivery
  • Activity monitoring and audit
Peloton Exchange


Peloton Exchange provides trading-venue capability for any securitised product to be traded with other products or currencies (either fiat or crypto).

Private venues allow for unlisted products to be securely exchanged between sophisticated and wholesale participants only, bringing a new speed, scale and efficiency to capital raising.

  • Designed for multiple concurrent public and private trading venues
  • Upload securitized products for trading against different currencies
  • Web, API and FIX interfaces for traders
  • Low-latency price-time priority continuous trading
  • Configurable market data feeds
  • Cash settlement interface for banking
  • Audit and reporting functionality
Peloton Exchange

Blockchain Network

The Peloton Blockchain Network is a secure, de-centralized network that allows for the scalable storage and transmission of data across nodes hosted by many participants.

We use a private, permissioned blockchain using Hyperledger Fabric configured with a Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism. This has a low computational cost and is therefore fast and energy efficient. This consensus mechanism can be used due to the permissioned nature of the network.

Separate channels are used to manage network utility tokens (public), Peloton securities (private) and other data (private). Each channel is a separate ledger.

The network has logic built into 'smart contracts' that manages the end-to-end lifecycle of securities, ensuring compliance and integrity.

Revenue Transformation

Contact our team of senior consultants dedicated to designing new revenue opportunities and products based on our market-creation technology. We have models for:

  • Capital Markets
  • Commodities
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities