In slow-to-change utility markets, an edge is hard to find.

Peloton Blockchain technology enables firms to create a unique and compelling products to generate new revenue.

Securitization allows an unbundling of large, multi-year agreements and helps address customers with non-traditional load profiles. Being able to securitize a capacity-based asset, such as electricity, cargo-space or ICT resources means that the Peloton Blockchain Network can be effectively deployed to facilitate trade between wholesalers (the owners of the underlying asset) and their retailers.

Our team specialises in bringing design-thinking and our innovative technology to bear on creating new business models for energy and utility firms.


The consensus among a group of industry leaders and analysts gathered at ITU Telecom World 2017 was that telcos must transform their business models if they are to turnaround ongoing shrinkage in traditional revenue streams.

Peloton Blockchain’s unique securitization process allows telcos to monetize networks and capacity in entirely new ways.

This allows both wholesale infrastructure providers and retail operations a higher yield by unbundling and trading more capacity, in more efficient shapes, more frequently.

Our technology securitizes network capacity into cryptographic tokens that be issued, bought and sold on an exchange.

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