Digital Currencies

Cryptocurrencies offer a cheap and fast method of value transfer that appeals to many. This is creating opportunities to disrupt or replace unfair practices around the world.

A steadily growing pool of crypto-value is in turn attracting those that are seeking investment. Similarly, issuers that want to access capital and had previously faced high costs are now finding that they can offer tokens instead of securities.

Peloton Blockchain's technology provides the infrastructure needed for governments and banks to extend these benefits to citizen services.

Digital Currency Exchanges

As regulation presses in and press reports worry traders, there's a growing need for Digital Currency Exchanges to expand offerings into different asset classes.

The fast and scalable Peloton Blockchain Network offers DCEs the capability to exchange cryptocurrencies for security tokens backed by real assets that generate returns. This allows DCEs to create new markets and new investment opportunities for their participants.

Our compliance-first approach is regulator-friendly, which helps to ease the growing pains that comes with the transition to becoming a regulated entity..

We provide full support with service level agreements, offer easy to integrate APIs and access to security tokens being issued around the world.

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