Private Markets

Peloton Blockchain provides cutting-edge technology that moves OTC dealing into a continuous trading environment, bringing transparency, distribution and efficiency to private markets.

Equity Capital Markets &
Corporate Finance

Instead of just placing within your network, our solutions enable rapid distribution of product to private venues of sophisticated traders, amplifying and accelerating price discovery and access to capital. Because we've extended our model beyond financial products to almost any underlying, Peloton Blockchain gives you the tools to innovate with your clients as they grow, letting you act on new opportunities as they come.

Wealth Management

A recent Accenture study found that the majority of cryptocurrency traders are males under 40. This demographic is moving away from traditional advisors and into less regulated space that many advisors cannot access. Peloton Blockchain’s technologies provide the bridge needed to reclaim this demographic.

The Peloton Blockchain platform offers securitized access to real assets via a private market that will create new trading and investment opportunities for clients with limited options.

Our technology will even allow cryptocurrency holders to invest back into traditional investment products, providing advisors with a path to adapt for change and reclaim a disappearing demographic.

Book-running on the Peloton Blockchain gives deal teams access to a wider audience beyond their immediate network and takes the guesswork out of price discovery.

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